Special Events 

Join us for our very unique special events.

Local - A Nine Course Dinner Tasting Menu - Every Friday

Local - A Nine Course Dinner Tasting Menu - Every Friday

Local - Dinner Tasting 

Local is a 9 course dinner tasting menu that tells the story of Washington, the greatest state. It takes you from low tide to high tide, from water to land, and gives you a chance to see Washington through the eyes of a local. Join us for a unique dining experience told through the dishes of Olympia native, Executive Chef Eric Rivera. This dinner is available every Friday and by ticket purchase only.   For tickets and more information please click here. 


Chef Incubator Series 

Our chef incubator series takes different up-and-coming chefs and gives them a platform to work on a new restaurant concept for themselves or a place to have fun with guests searching for something new and exciting. 5/28 is Emmanuel Chavez with food from his upcoming concept Pan y Agua. 6/25 is Charlotte Glaves with her forager dinner.


Afternoon Delight

Our Afternoon Delight menu is a multi-course tasting menu that ranges from 14-18 courses depending on the season. This is a showcase of brunch items focusing on Northwest ingredients with preparations from all around the world.