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Executive Chef Eric Rivera

Eric Rivera - Executive Chef

Olympia, Washington, native Eric Rivera started his career in business. But cooking was always his passion, and he wasn’t afraid to hustle to get where he is today: breaking new ground as Executive Chef at Seattle’s Bookstore Bar & Café.

His journey to Bookstore Bar & cafe has taken many noteworthy twists and turns, including a three-plus year stint at Alinea restaurant in Chicago, where he was Director of Culinary Research Operations working alongside chef-owner Grant Achatz. After that he moved on to Seattle’s Huxley Wallace Collective, where he opened the Thompson Hotel Seattle, plus four restaurants, in just one year with Josh Henderson.

Eric, a graduate of the culinary school at the Art Institute of Seattle, traces cooking back to when he was a small child. Growing up in a Puerto Rican family that celebrated food, Eric often cooked with his grandfather. Despite his early connection with the kitchen, Eric pursued jobs in mortgage and insurance. But eventually he found himself drawn back to food.

Grassroots tactics led him to his first job: Eric knocked on doors for jobs when he was beginning culinary school. “I would walk into restaurants wearing a suit and holding my resume. Nothing came of it,” Eric explains. “But when I finally took off the suit and simplified my resume to say only, ‘Culinary Student’ then people started paying attention. I got my first job.”

Starting in the kitchen at Seastar in Seattle, Eric moved on to Blueacre Seafood, where he eventually became sous chef while still in school. When the opportunities at Alinea and Huxley Wallace Collective presented themselves, Eric seized them.

Now, in his new job at Bookstore Bar & Cafe, Eric plays to his guests’ sense of discovery. “It’s an exploration of the whole flavor spectrum, where you can go from sweet to savory to sour in one bite,” he says. “We have all these great local ingredients at our disposal, and we’ll be highlighting flavors of the Pacific Northwest – but in a way that will feel fresh and new to locals and visitors alike.”

To wit: a black cod with pickled leeks and shallots, fried capers, and peeled walnuts. There will also be multi-course dinners made up of small bites – spoonfuls intended to surprise and delight. In some cases, the experience will be interactive as chefs will prepare and serve courses tableside, which Eric describes as a chance for guests to see “sleight of hand magic” first-hand.

When he's not cooking, Eric enjoys video games and playing with his dog.



Afternoon Delight in the Author's Corner

Afternoon Delight is a brunch tasting menu offered every Saturday and Sunday with seatings at 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, and 12:45. This brunch tasting experience features an amuse (small bite), seasonal salad, many takes on classic/present/future tea sandwiches, desserts, and tea all included in the price, along with a few other surprises along the way. Come Afternoon Delight with us this weekend!

The Author's Corner offers distinctive dining experiences that showcases Pacific Northwest ingredients in the heart of Seattle at the Alexis Hotel. Using a wide array of techniques and a service style that integrates chefs with the diner to create a level of approachable finesse. Currently we are booking our Afternoon Delight brunch tasting menu, with the Local and Tourist dinner menus launching soon. 

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Special Events 

Join us for our very unique special events.

Local - A Nine Course Dinner Tasting Menu - Every Friday

Local - A Nine Course Dinner Tasting Menu - Every Friday

Local - Dinner Tasting 

Local is a 9 course dinner tasting menu that tells the story of Washington, the greatest state. It takes you from low tide to high tide, from water to land, and gives you a chance to see Washington through the eyes of a local. Join us for a unique dining experience told through the dishes of Olympia native, Executive Chef Eric Rivera. This dinner is available every Friday and by ticket purchase only.   For tickets and more information please click here. 


Chef Incubator Series 

Our chef incubator series takes different up-and-coming chefs and gives them a platform to work on a new restaurant concept for themselves or a place to have fun with guests searching for something new and exciting. 5/28 is Emmanuel Chavez with food from his upcoming concept Pan y Agua. 6/25 is Charlotte Glaves with her forager dinner.


Afternoon Delight

Our Afternoon Delight menu is a multi-course tasting menu that ranges from 14-18 courses depending on the season. This is a showcase of brunch items focusing on Northwest ingredients with preparations from all around the world.


We think C.S. Lewis had it right when he said that eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably. Test the theory yourself here at downtown Seattle’s Bookstore Bar & Café, a delight for bibliophiles and foodies alike. Among the brick walls and shelves lined with books and bottles, you’ll find contemporary cuisine and one of the largest selections of scotch and whiskey around — everything you need to eat, drink, read and be merry.



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